I adventured to Toronto Isand early one morning with Pauline, Edwin, and their adorable pooch Harley! We were early enough to beat the crowds (and the sun!) for a walk, and then indulge in brunch and a wet ride back to the ferry! The water was high on on the island, but we weren't the only ones willing to kick off their shoes and give it a go:)

I always love escaping to Toronto Island... so close to the city, but an oasis free of cars, free of stress, free of Tim Horton's. But more and more, we're able to travel there less and less. At least once a year, the Island is lost to flooding. I had a wedding who had to reschedule their ENTIRE WEDDING the week before because their island venue was flooded!

The island is beautiful, and home to memories for so many Torontonians...childhood at science camp, teenage years of freedom, new parents taking their kids on adventures, and so many instances of love.

I don't say this to be a bummer, but so many beautiful memories exist on that island..and it's disappearing. Our impact on this beautiful world is creating less of it, and as the land disappears it takes our ability to revisit it - our ability to relive those memories - with it.

So on this earth day, I hope you think about your favourite places. And think about how it would feel to never again visit the place you met, the place you first kissed, the place you married. 
And now think about what we can do to prevent that.



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