Weddings today can be anything you want - a huge lavish affair, an outdoor bash, a travel adventure...or a neighbourhood celebration. More and more often, I'm meeting couples who are creating intimate weddings, their way. Lisa and Sam's wedding was truly a neighbourhood celebration.

I met them at their home, and we walked through their neighbourhood to Christopher Cutts Gallery, just a few blocks away. We stopped to chat with neighbours, wander the allies, and it was truly the most relaxed pre-wedding I've ever had. Sam has a penchant for hand shakes, including with his almost-wife:) A little while later friends and loved ones gathered, vows were exchanged, and everyone headed off for brunch at the Ritz-Carton.

But my favourite moment happened in between....when everyone but Sam and Lisa had left, and they stayed behind to finish up a few things. The only people left were the two of them, myself, and the cellist. And it was in this moment when they shared a short first dance, alone, in an art gallery.

Congratulations Lisa and Sam - to many more years of loving your neighbourhood, and each other!


Nadia Urrutia(non-registered)
A beautiful wedding indeed! Congratulations Sam and Lisa and thank you for the opportunity to share this day with you. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures highlights and great blog!
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