Lauren & Aaron


Picture your dream wedding...seaside. A bright blue sky, and everyone you love sipping drinks on a patio while watching the sky change colours. The wedding is full of soft colours, big flowers, and a lot of emotions. 

But then there's a party. A heck of a party. Sumptuous food, and a band soooo good that you skip your first dance so that everyone can dance more. The party is so good that it's long since dark before you remember there's a cake to cut. There are people dancing inside, and having intimate conversations on the patio. There are definitely people who've wandered down to the ocean, and everywhere you look someone is carrying a bottle of Prosecco.

This was Lauren and Aaron's wedding. It didn't hurt that these two have more style than anyone I've met! Everything they chose from their garments to their dishes made me gush.

The first thing I remember walking in was how close they are with their friends. They love them fiercely, and have clearly built a whole another circle of family from them. But then there's their families...kind, funny, and the most loving. The wedding took place in Chester at The Captain's House, which has a lot of history for Lauren's family. There wasn't a single person I met during my time with them that wasn't jubilant, hilarious, and ready with a story:)

My favourite part of the weekend was brunch the next day. Seeing everyone wander out in jeans and hoodies, sleepy-eyed as they caught up and exchanged stories. not quite ready to say goodbye....

Lauren and Aaron, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your weekend!




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