Spending am evening in the distillery with these two was the most fun! As one of the most popular destinations for photography in Toronto, I'm sometimes hesitant to visit the distillery; the potential for crowds, or half a dozen weddings (or a dozen creative shoots!) can make it a challenge to find space and creativity. But not with Melissa and John:)
We hit up GW General, quite possibly the best antique store I've ever been to. Stunning vintage light fixtures and decor clutter the shelves, but you can also find custom wooden furniture, hand knit socks, and pretty much everything I want to fill my house with. We poked through old books, I listed after tea pots, and John sat down to play a tune on an aging piano 9and he is phenomenal).

Melissa's vintage dress (a lady after my own heart!) and stunning blue engagement ring was the perfect compliment to an evening spent travelling back in time:)

Congrats Melissa and John, can't wait to celebrate with both of you!





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