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Now that the world is thawing out, I'm getting excited for all the incredible couples I'll be photographing this Spring/Summer! It also reminded me that I did so many beautiful creative shoots last Fall.

What is a creative shoot?

I guess it's what some people would call an engagement shoot. But when I think of an engagement shoot, I think of two things:
1. Photographing the moment you get engaged (which I've done, and is amazing!)
2. Having photos taken to announcement your engagement in the newspaper

But that's not for everyone. Every couple I work with has what I call a creative shoot. I like it for three reasons:

1. We get to spend some time together, which is great because I'll be with you for some very upclose moments during your wedding day

2. You get a chance to be in front of the camera. This is advantageous because you get used to having my camera around, and I get an idea of how you feel in front of my camera. This means that on your wedding day, I don't need to waste time figuring out what makes you most comfortable, and how you two interact together. We're already close buds by then

3. You two get gorgeous, professional photos of yourselves that aren't only on your wedding day!

Sometimes our shoots are doing something you do every day (getting coffee, walking the dog). Other times it's something fun that you don't normally get to do (rock climbing, visiting a vineyard. Either way, we get to hang out and make photos.

In this case, Alek and Jess had an amazing day planned at Fielding Estates. We drove down together, sampled some wine, had some laughs, and made some photos. All in all, an amazing day that has me extra stoked for their wedding!






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