I rarely make it down to the Toronto waterfront (which is odd, because I grew up on the ocean and miss being near the water). My avoidance is purely due to the mass of people that tend to congregate during the warmer months to go sailing, take in the view, and bask on the many patios. As lovely as all of those things are, I have this association with solitude and being near the water.

Kat and Bryan schooled me though - just go on Sunday evening! Or, even better, go on Sunday evening when it's RAINING. No one will be there! And I got it all - the view, the solitude, and those misty waters I love so much. I harassed their cat at their apartment, took full advantage of their rooftop terrance, and grabbed a drink and Boxcar Social (which is quickly becoming my favourite haunt. Seriously, the drinks are perfect and the staff treat you like best friends).

Afterwards I was treated to a little tour around the waterfront, and up around the Skydome (I will still always call it the Skydome). Kat and Bryan, I will not wish for rain on your wedding day but c'mon, you look pretty damn great in it:)





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