My favourite details at a wedding are often hard to photograph. For example:

1. The sole of the groomsmen's shoe is currently being held together by chewing gum

2. One of the bridesmaid's is a super organized teacher, and has set 27 alarms for the wedding day. Alarm 1 - wake up! Alarm 2 - brush teeth....alarm 16-getting dresses on.....alarm 24-don't forget to pee....

3. Bud Light Lime is not, in fact, swill. It is incredibly refreshing, and I will likely have another one in my lifetime.

4. If your mom is your best friend, she will shame all your friends on the dance floor. Maureen, I just want to hang out with you all the time. I want to hang out with you and drink Alabama Slammers.

5. Sometime's a bride's best friend is Blistex.

Pictou Lodge was the perfect setting for this wedding, where Steph, Chris and their families could take things slow. The morning was spent languidly in cabins, and the evening festivities spilled out to the grass, the docks...the other side of the pond....

I am in no way a master of hashtags, but if I had to use #CoupleGoals, it would be for these two:)



P.S. A huge thank you to Jessie Redmond who was the second photographer for this amazing group - and always a favourite to work with:)


VENUE: Pictou Lodge


WEDDING DRESS: David's Bridal


HAIR: Cara MacInnis, Tidal Hair Lounge


GROOM'S ATTIRE: Tiptop Tailors


FLORALS: McKean's Flowers

WEDDING RINGS: Fawcett's Fine Jewellery

OFFICIENT: Mary Beth Moriarty


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