What happens when two mathematicians get married?

It's not too different from when two non-mathematicians get married, actually. There were no long division place cards; no number-themed wedding cake; No "1+1=2" sign (although that would have been adorable).

Instead, Jeff and Irene weaved their quirky and hilarious personalities throughout their wedding, including:

1. Scrabble-themed decor for two fellow logophiles (that's word-lovers, for you non-Scrabble-folk)

2. Gorgeous hand-painted signs, designed and created by Irene herself

3. (My favourite) the world's best wedding hashtag - #GiveHerSomeVowels. I took one look at Irene's last name, strung up in Scrabble-tile-formation across the barn, and burst out laughing. Yup, give her some vowels.

I first met Irene and Jeff via Skype, from 3 different time zones: Halifax, where I was staying; Montreal, where she was working; and British Columbia, where Jeff was living. One of the happiest parts of their wedding day was that it took place very soon after these two finally moved to the same city after years of distance.

Their wedding day was perfect! Amazing weather for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour underneath a canopy of trees. Guests were treated to lobster tails, steak, and red curry peanut noodles. It wasn't long before the party moved back out under the stars:)

Look closely and you'll see Jeff from his undergrad days - or at least, a photo of him, made into a poster and paraded around for guest photos. I guess you can move forward together, but your past is coming with you:)

Congrats Jeff and Irene!




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