PAINT FIGHT with Jeff + Nicole


"What should we do for our creative shoot?"

It's a common question we receive, and I usually give two options:

1. Let's do something you both do together a lot

2. Let's do something you've never done

We call them creative shoots instead of engagement shoots for a lot of reasons. One reason being... ...

What's an engagement shoot?

To me, it either means a photoshoot of you getting engaged (which takes some sneaky planning, and is awesome!) or it means photos taken to announce your engagement in a newspaper, which isn't as common these days.

A creative shoot serves 3 purposes:

1. We get to meet and hang out. I get a feel for how you two vibe together, move together, and what you're comfortable with. This inevitably helps with the comfort level and direction of photos on your wedding day. Creative shoot = better wedding photos for you.

2. You get a chance to meet us, ask questions, and see what it's like to be in front of the camera!

3. Do you have any professional photos of the two of you? Well you should! You'll have dozens of gorgeous photos of you on your wedding day, looking snazzy. But how about a few of you two in your natural habitat? 


Which brings me back to our initial two options.


1. Let's do something you both do together a lot

2. Let's do something you've never done

To which Nicole gave me 2 equally amazing answers:

1. Let's go bowling, or

2. Let's go to the beach and have a paint fight

You can see which one we went with:)


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