Shaun and Leah booked us for the wedding far in advance. They'd been at a wedding we shot the previous year, and called soon after. "We want you guys." To be honest, I'd never been booked that far in advance. I'd describe almost all of our couples as laid back: relaxed about wedding planning, into authentic, candid moments, not into posed photos, outdoorsy, artsy, fun. The kind of people that start planning their wedding 6-10 months before their date.

Who were these people, calling so far in advance?? The answer?

Our favourite people. Super outdoorsy, laid back, fun, and authentic. I met Leah and Shaun for a creative shoot in the woods during a rain storm, and fell in love with them. Parents to an adorable 4 year-old boy, they were super into each other and super not into agonizing over their wedding details. One caveat: their photography. They prioritized their photography first. They told me they didn't care so much about decor, but they did care about recording their day; they cared about capturing memories, smiles, moments, tears, laughs, and the odd and wondrous things that happen when everyone you love descends on Oceanstone for a weekend:)

Shaun and Leah focused on all the important things for their wedding day. Leah carried a bouquet of poppies down the aisle, in honour of her own Poppy who couldn't be there. Their son, Sonny, who carried their wedding bands down the aisle, and then couldn't wait to run down the aisle and tell his mom how beautiful she looked. Letting me into their bridal sweet the morning after, to find their two best friends bunked in with them, reliving the hazy moments of the night before......

I am so thankful for these two, for trusting us completely when we ventured into the rain, the seaweed, into all of it. It reminded me that, if you want photos that show your love, give us all the love you've got.




Venue & Catering: Oceanstone Seaside Resort

Shoes: Michael Kors

Hair and Makeup: Meg Ryan, Bowtique

Flowers: Silk'n Blooms

Officient: Maria Kuttner

Wedding Bands: Bentwood Jewelry Designs


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