Eldie Photography | BRETT + AMALIA


Getting married is hella exciting! A chance to see all the people you love, plan a huge party, and make a really big commitment to your favourite person. It really is starting on a new road together, as partners. Which is why I was so excited when Brett and Amalia invited us over to their new home! As if planning a wedding this year wasn't enough, these two also decided to sweeten the deal with their first home:)
An early evening exploring their new digs and new neighbourhood made for an awesome shoot at home! I always try to explain the idea of a creative couples' shoot two people as having two goals:

1. To get used to working with us, and being around the camera, and 

2. A chance to have photos of the two of you as a couple. Not on your wedding day, not shot on an iphone, but an honest to goodness time capsule of the two of you together during this time in your life.

I love that these photos now encapsulate such an exciting time of new roads, commitment, and park-proximity for these two:) Can't wait for their wedding!




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