As I've come to terms with being a dual-city lady, I'm amazed how many other people I meet who also call Toronto and the East Coast home. Just this week it's included the following: The UPS delivery man, 3 baristas, a dog owner at the park, a dog owner on the street (I pet a lot of dogs), and John, of John and Sarah:)
These two have one of my favourite meeting stories ever. It includes John jokingly impersonating his friend on Facebook while talking to Sarah, only to develop an attraction for this US babe. Online flirtation and a few visits later, they both call Toronto home but will be tying the note in Nova Scotia.

An amazing reason to visit home! It also allows us to work with a few more outstanding by's this summer, for which we are always thankful:)

My favourite thing was how we swore up and down that we would not visit the Distillery Market. As lovely as it is, the market is insane during the holidays, and usually full of dozens of couples. We laughed about how we would be different - until I saw an entire grove of pink Christmas trees and forced them into a pink forest.

Sarah and John, I can't wait for your wedding!


*Please note, no puppies were harmed in the taking of these photos. She thoroughly enjoyed the slide.


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