Meet my cousin Nicole. She seems to have come from the deep end of our gene pool, and is as smart, funny, and kind as she is beautiful. She has found her physical and mental equal in Alex, just as stupendous. 

Last year I received the sweetest email from Nicole, letting me know that they would really love me to be their wedding photographer, but would love more if I could be a guest. As much as I will have photo envy from not being the one to capture what is going to be an insanely gorgeous, fun, emotional wedding, I am so damn excited to be a guest at their wedding this summer!

But that didn't stop us from getting together for a fun shoot at the site of their beginning - Queen's University. My family in no way pushed anyone into a certain university, but it does seem we've become an accidental "Queen's family." My parents met and fell in love on campus; actually, they even married at the campus chapel! My brother attend Queen's, working for the radio station, and met his wife, then working for the Queen's Journal. I followed suit, and spent 5 years in Kingston riding cafeteria trays down Summerhill and dissecting things in the Life Sciences building.

Nicole and Alex met at Queen's, where she was a dancer and he was on the basketball team. It was a hilariously sweet and memorable day to come back with the two of them, roam the campus, and feel old. We also had a beer with Nicole's younger brother (my cousin) who has jumped on what is becoming a family tradition.

Thank you Nicole and Alex for letting me a part of your story, and I guess we also need to thank Queen's for arranging half our family marriages:)






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