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I will forever remember the scene of a bride , hair and makeup done, calmly braiding her daughter's hair while the chaos of pre-wedding planning whirled about her. One child calmly eating spilled Cheeze-its off the floor, while the other screamed that she didn't want to wear her flower girl dress (Which, for the record, she was super excited to wear 5 minutes before).

My favourite things about weddings is that you can do whatever you want; Get hitched whenever and however you want to. The old adage 'first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the two with a baby carriage' is as out of place as the term adage is. Katie and Frank met, fell in love, moved to Europe, had two beautiful kids, moved back to Canada, and tied the knot. And I can't imagine it occurring any other way.

Having their girls present at their wedding really hit home that this is a family - and I think it hit home for Katie too. She was on the verge of tears most of the morning:) Katie and Frank have also been blessed with two families, it seems - their Nova Scotian/Scottish clan, and the family they mad for themselves in Europe. People came from all over the world - literally - to celebrate this important chapter in their life together.

I'm not sure if drinking beer out of a shoe is a Scottish tradition, a Nova Scotian tradition, or an Austrian tradition, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of it:) Also, any photos where it looks like the bride is screaming at someone are actually a bride singing Paradise By The Dashboard Lights with her husband.

Brian and I will forever remember this wedding, which proved to us that there is no maximum on how much love and how much ridiculousness you can pack into one weekend!


Eldie Photography
Thanks Melanie:) I wanted to make their entire bridal party my best friends.
Beauty job, Linds! I went to high school with Katie and her sister, along with some of her bridesmaids, and it appears she hasn't changed a bit. Absolutely stunning.
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