During Emilie and Adam's engagement shoot, he body slammed her into a snow drift. I am happy to report this did not happen at their wedding. Instead, the two filled their afternoon with high-fives, friends, and impromptu beers at Garrison Brewing.

My highlight from the day, however, was the speeches. From both family and friends, the speeches were personal, heartfelt, and often hilarious. This couple has so much love for the people in their life, and it was a beautiful occasion to watch them all come together to celebrate Emilie and Adam.

P.S. If you want every person you know to dance, hire The Mellotones.

Wedding Planner: Dare To Be Different Events

Flowers: The Flower Shop

Venue: The Westin

Music: The Mellotones



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These are beautiful photos. What creative backdrops!
The wedding planner looks to have done a nice job.
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