Adventures on Ward's Island

I do not know Lauren and Rob. This isn't entirely uncommon in my field; people find photographers through social media, word-of-mouth, and sometimes just a good Google hunt. We'll be photographing their wedding this summer in Halifax, but the couple currently lives in Toronto.

Well, sometimes I live in Toronto too:) I realized I'd be spending the month of June in The Big Smoke, and so we arranged a little photo rendezvous. Mother nature rained that one out, so we rescheduled. Our plan was to grab an early evening ferry over to Ward's Island, which happens to be one of my favourite spots in the city. 

The island is a quaint, meandering village of big trees arcing over the water, dirt paths where cars are forbidden, and artisanal homes hiding behind hedges. It also turns out to be the home of poplar trees that release a cloud of fluffy pollen every June. There were literally piles of fluff everywhere.

We wandered down the paths, to the beach, and then, just when I was getting some grandiose ideas of big cityscape photos....the skies opened up. We had the choice of waiting 45 minutes, maybe seeking refuge, maybe making some more photos....or running like hell for the ferry that was about to depart.

The ferry ride was as fun as the photoshoot:) These two were totally comfortable letting me creep around in the bushed while they did their thing, and I'm so excited for their wedding!


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