Amanda LeBlanc

I met Amanda first as a musician - she was working on an album the same time I was, and I fell in love with her voice. It shouldn't surprise me that she's also an actress - most artists I know dabble in several fields, and it's cool to watch how their creative energy shifts from one endeavour to another.

After a substantial break from acting, Amanda is back at it - in a big way. She has been selected as one of 10 members for the National Arts Centre English Theatre 2015-2016 ensemble. Each year the NAC selects 10 talented actors to work with and develop over the course of 12 months. With this opportunity came the opportunity for new head shots. 

My photographic style tends to lean towards environmental portraits, so I said as long as she wasn't looking for a black and white photo on a white background, I think we could create something great. Amanda is incredibly aware of herself, in the way a great model is - she knows her angles, her face, and what she wanted to get out of her shoot. It was a pleasure to work with her, and the Halifax Public Library made for an airy and light-filled space, so as not to distract from Amanda.

Looking forward to seeing great things from this one 




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