Grow a Lotus Yoga

When my passion for photography crosses paths with my love of yoga, it makes for a good day. Leanne is an enthusiastic and skilled teacher. When I've had the luck to practice with her, the classes have always been challenging, educational, and super playful.

I had the awesome chance to collaborate with Leanne to tell the story of Grow a Lotus Yoga, a cozy neighbourhood studio nestled in a dreamy stretch of Halifax's North End. Leanne and I chatted a lot about her philosophy of teaching, and what she does at Grow a Lotus. Each time I walked away, I thought "This woman is all about community." It doesn't hurt that she's also super creative - we had a blast shooting some cool silhouettes, an idea she wanted to incorporate.

The space is welcoming and energetic; Leanne hosts neighbour yoga to welcome new students, and during the warm summer months classes sometimes spill outside to the backyard. It's the norm to catch a few dogs sunning themselves on the porch, or for students to stay after class to soak in the hot tub.

But beyond the friendly atmosphere, I noticed how much Leanne cares about her students - and how much the students love her classes. Grow a Lotus has classes for kids, beginners, longtime practitioners, you name it! If you're looking for a knowledgeable and balanced practice, I recommend stopping by.

Especially if you like dogs:)


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