Baby Emmett

I received an email asking if I do newborns, and I guess the answer is 'no'. I haven't attended courses on how to photograph newborns, I don't own newborn props, and there isn't a whole whack of kids in my portfolio.

I'm getting better at summarizing what it is I photograph, and I think I have it narrowed down. I photograph cool people, their lives, and their art. That's it.

If you like my style, and I like what you're doing, then I photograph you. It could be your wedding, headshot, jewelry line, leather goods, skateboarding, elopement, your kids, your grandparents, your fridge, a networking event, a new restaurant, an old chair, your garden, your face...and I guess your new baby.

Twyla and Matt are good people. I met Twyla when we were both serving, and she is good people. She married a good man. Turns out, they had a good perfect baby. Seriously, I love this child. He was a perfect gentleman through the whole shoot, and adores his mom and dad. I had the best afternoon with these 3 at their home (which, by the way, was spotless and organized, despite their new addition. I have no kids, and my place looks like it exploded half the time).

Our afternoon was created by Twyla and Matt inviting me to share an afternoon with their new family, doing what new families do - sleeping, feeding, and being close to one another. After this experience I still say I don't do newborn shoots - by I do shoot "An Afternoon with a New Family." And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Twyla and Matt, thank you so much for asking me to capture a rare moment in your lives. Emmett is perfection, and he is lucky to have you.





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