Valentine's Body Slam

"This is cheesy. We can't do this. People know this isn't us."

Thus underlies the reason I almost insist on taking couples out for a photoshoot before their wedding day! Simply saying "Do what comes naturally to you" doesn't work, if being in front of the camera is not a common occurrence for you. How do you know what comes naturally, in what may be an unnatural environment?

This lead me to spending a snowy, sun-filled Valentine's outdoors with Emilie and Adam. We tried different things. We laughed. They laughed at my suggestions. 

And then Adam body-slammed Emilie into a snow bank, and I understood a bit more about this couple. Goofing around comes naturally, and from there on in we had a great shoot that showcased their silly romantic nature. I am looking forward to their wedding throw-down this summer:)



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