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Memories of Summer

I wondered why I had saved this shoot, unedited, for months. 4 Months into the deepest winter I've ever experienced, I have my answer. I needed a colorful, visceral reminder of warmer days and warm water. Long car rides. Flowers. Bare feet. Chasing light.

I took off for the day with Anna Gilkerson of Makenew and the talented Veronica. Anna was shooting her new summer line*, and I was along to capture photos of Anna, her beautiful daughter, and the day ahead. In between takes I had the chance to photograph Veronica in the fields at Seafoam Lavender, and along the warm northern ocean coastline.

(*If you're inspired by the styling, everything you see has been sold:( But don't fret, stop by Makenew for their ever-rotating selections of perfectly picked pieces)

I adore working in the summer. The light is soft, and lasts until 8:00 p.m. The location options are endless, and the models are more comfortable than in 3 feet of snow.

However, these photos have reminded me to book off a few days this summer for long rides with no destination.

Model: Veronica Gruninger

Styling: Anna Gilkerson for Makenew

Flower Crown: Oh Dina! Millinery 

Location: Seafoam Lavander 

Photography: Lindsay Duncan


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