The King and Queen of Dartmouth

Rachel and Patrick are from Dartmouth, but are currently living in Texas. They'll be home for their wedding this summer, but they used  this holiday trip home to take care of a few wedding details. We took a trip to the wedding venue and the church, and imagined the surroundings during sunnier times. 

I wanted to get these two in front of the camera, so we moved to the warmth of the Celtic Corner. It was then I realized that these two are Dartmouth royalty. As we walked to the pub, they were waving to friends, receiving congratulations, and even inviting people to the wedding. Well-wishers asked about their families, their life in Texas, what they had for breakfast. Rachel is quick to smile and even quicker to laugh.

As it turns out, The Celtic Corner was an ideal spot to visit. When the couple met, Rachel has been a server at the pub, and Patrick one of it's most loyal patrons. I think seeing them back there together is a walk down memory lane for more than a few people:) After a pint at the pub, we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of Downtown Dartmouth's newest restaurant, 73 Canadian Fusion (by the way, the menu looks delicious!)

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this royal family at their wedding this summer:)


Lovely! Nice work, girl, photos and write-up.
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