Trish & Jarratt

There is something special about a couple asking you to photograph their wedding. Maybe it's because they love your portfolio, or because they saw you in action at a friends' wedding. Either way, it's the start of a new relationship that is always exciting. 

In the case if Jarratt and Trish, I was slightly surprised since the last interaction I had with them was when I backed into their car. When I brought this up, they simply said "Well, you left a very nice note." And that's Trish and Jarratt. Kind, easy-going, no fuss. Their wedding was similar to their life as I know it. Easy-going, eclectic, and focused on their family and friends. From their art-deco living room to Trish's handmade veil their wedding was full of colorful and whimsical touches. And midnight donairs. 

Congratulations Trish and Jarratt!

Venue: Petpeswick Yacht Club

Flowers: My Mother's Bloomers

Makeup: The Bride (for Summit Day Spa)

Donairs: Tony's


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