Meaghan and Ryan

I will always fondly remember one moment from Meaghan and Ryan's wedding - the speeches. I see a lot of wedding speeches. Short, long, funny, sentimental; people who have so much to say, and people who aren't public speakers but still want to share on such a rare and special occasion.

Meaghan is kind, polite, easy-going, but I would never have described her as dramatic or garrulous. She doesn't monopolize conversations. She doesn't cut you off when you're talking. She isn't, as my Irish family would describe, "a talker."

Or is she?

Seven pages of notes and several physical reenactments later every guest was laughing, crying, and understood the history and hilarity of both the couple and their families. I loved it. I can't think of any other time in life when you have everyone you love under one roof. When you get to tell them how you feel about the way they've influenced your life. When you get to explain important people in your life to the other important people in your life.

But that wasn't the moment I remembered the most. That memory is reserved for a speech by Saeger, a dear friend of the grooms. She was telling a story about a visit with old high school friends. At this point in time Meaghan and Ryan had been together for quite a few years. In the story Saeger asked Ryan if he was going to marry Meaghan, and he responded, "Obviously, Saeger."

However, at the time they were both in their pyjamas. And, as responsible adults do, were both wearing mouth guards. As the story was told the conversation is as follows:

"Theriouthly Ryan, are you going to marry Meaghan?"

"Obviouthly, Thaegar."

Well, obviously it was. After 10 years together there wasn't a dry eye on site when Ryan and Meaghan exchanged vows. Planning their photos before the ceremony allowed the couple to spend the entire evening with friends and family, many of whom had traveled from around the continent to be there. The food was spectacular, the dancing the was lively, and the conversation?

Fabulouth, obviouthly.

To many more years, Meaghan and Ryan!

Venue: The Captain's House, Chester, NS

Catering: Kitchen Door Catering

Hair: Alicia Melanson Hair & Makeup

Makeup: The bridesmaids


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