Aisling and CJ

If ever there were a kid-friendly wedding, it was this one. Nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, god-children, and little ones from friends were right at home. For anyone that knows Aisling and CJ, I don't think this was surprising and was stated perfectly during their ceremony by their officiant, a dear friend.

"Two people who have decided to devote their lives to children. Aisling, fixing their hearts, and CJ, developing their skills and leadership."

I am paraphrasing, but the truth of the matter is the two have chosen a path of selfless occupations. Aisling, a pediatric cardiologist, and CJ, a soccer coach. From the first time we met I knew these were two fun-loving, relaxed people who were having a wedding to seal the deal with their loved ones. They requested little to no posed photos and as little time away from the party as possible, which I was happy to oblige.

What remained was a lobster boil the night before, a relaxed morning getting ready in the country, and a late-night party that ended in members of the bridal party receiving a friendly ride home from a kind police officer:) (No shenanigans, it was just a long walk home!)

Congratulations Aisling and CJ on the memories from your wedding day, and the memories to come:)

Venue: Petite Riviere Vinyard

Hair: Alicia Melanson Hair & Makeup

Makeup: Bridal Party




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