Let's get nostalgic and throw popcorn

It's a great compliment when someone asks you to photograph their wedding; I find this one especially complimentary since one year ago I hit this couple's car while backing out of my driveway.

Trish and Jarratt's story of meeting and falling in love is sweet, as well as trans-provincial. While living in Calgary, Jarratt visited Halifax with his family and met up with a friend, another friend, and a friend's-friend who turned out to be Trish, at the Economy Shoe Shop. The two started talking, and didn't stop until 8:00 a.m. the next morning. Between the meeting at the Shoe Shop and the sunrise they strolled through downtown Halifax, and can still remember each place they visited. We decided to recreate it.

While we visited each location I loved to hear them remember what they were discussing and how they felt. Although both acknowledge a healthy amount of booze was involved at the beginning, it wore off sometime around 4 a.m. and the warm feelings were still there:)

After reliving their past, I wanted to capture them as they are, day to day. The couple just bought a house, and we thought it would fun to show their friends and family their new habitat. Often I ask couples "well what do you do when you have time together?" The honest answer?

"We watch hockey and drink wine in our pyjamas."


               if you are really nice, I'll let you throw popcorn at me during our creative shoot:)

After this session, I can't wait to photograph their upcoming wedding this summer. Hopefully there will be more throwing of food.


Beautiful work, Linds!
This was so much fun to do and the results are fantastic. Thanks for allowing us to recreate how we met and how we go about enjoying our domicile in the winter months. As for hitting the car, we knew you were a stand up person... you left a note :) We are so happy to have you shooting our day!
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