Dare 2 Be Different

Outsourcing to Entrepreneurs

Often I think "I wish there was someone to do _______ for me." There are certain things I excel at, but others where I'd prefer someone else to use their experience and finesse. Call it outsourcing, but I call it smart. I am a terrible gardener, but will gladly pay for my neighbour's beautiful squash. 

With that same idea, Chelsea Aboud is an event planner and coordinator in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is my idea of the perfect outsource - someone to take an idea that has great potential, and use her experience and passion to turn that idea into a concrete and successful event.

Chelsea was excited to create energetic and modern head shots. Some businesses lend themselves perfectly to traditional, consistent head shots (for example, if you want individual photos of all your employees it's great to have them lit, posed, and shot the same). However, for a young entrepreneur vibrant and unique head shots help introduce your clients to you

Find out more about Chelsea and Dare To Be Different at www.d2devents.com


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