All the Colors of the Rainbow

"I just got my hair done. I want photos." And with that, any questions of 'when should I have my photo taken?' go right out the window. Most people schedule a photographer for their wedding; maybe a graduation, a retirement, or perhaps an annual family photo. But do you have a photo that captures you, at your happiest? At a pinnacle of your life? At time that you want to remember? I talk to people about doing a 'creative portrait' - this is what I mean! Photos just because; photos that take a part of your life or yourself that you love, and put it in front of the camera.

Tomomi is a special spirit about to leave her adopted home of Halifax, NS and take her home and love with her while she travels the world. Mirella Kokkinaras, the stylist behind this head of color told me she wanted Tomomi's hair to be something people would reach out and touch - "Because people need to be touched.

It felt like a time we should remember; I find remembering the colors and the feeling of these moments easier with an image.


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