Justine and Fadi

When I work with a couple, there's usually one word that jumps out at me to describe the way they are with each other - relaxed, playful, serious, etc. With Justine and Fadi, the word of the day was cherish. These are two people who cherish each other. Not once did I need to coax affection or smiles from them; that's just how they are.

having a photoshoot with a couple before their wedding allows me to get to know them, both as people and as photography subjects. I'm able to see how two people move together, if they prefer to interact with me or have me hide in the bushes, if they like a little direction or prefer to go au naturale. Justine Fadi and I spent the afternoon cozied up at The Trident, where they're regulars, followed by a stroll through Point Pleasant Park. After our afternoon together, I have a feeling that Justine and Fadi's wedding next year will be adorable, relaxed, and completely romantic:)


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