Lindsey & Jonathan

Lindsey and I began talking about her wedding 2 years ago. Having that much time to organize their wedding came in handy, as last winter the couple decided to up and move to Calgary! Luckily, they already had everything planned and returned to their beloved East Coast to marry and celebrate.

When Lindsey and Jonathan headed West, they did so with several friends in tow! The migration turned their wedding into not only a celebration of their love, but also a homecoming for the couple and their friends. All the details and long-distance-planning resulted in a beautiful wedding and a massive party. From an over-flowing candy table, to surprise fireworks, this wedding was all about celebration. After all - how often does everyone get together?

Lindsey's adorable niece took awhile to warm up to me, but once I assured her it was okay to jump on the bed we were best friends. The bridal party headed to Peggy's Cove for photos, and a quick ice cream stop. I couldn't believe Lindsey ordered chocolate - and managed to keep her dress spotless! The highlight for me was these two dancing and laughing so long, they forgot to cut the cake! No worries - they simply walked up, took a bite out of it, and told everyone to help themselves. After all, we were along friends:)

Congratulations Lindsey & Jonathan!

Flowers: My Mother's Bloomers

Dress: Chester & Felicity

Groom's Attire: Moore's

Makeup: Selena McNeil

Venue: Shining Waters


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