Lesley & Drew say 'I Do'


When I edit a wedding, I see the same photos, same faces, same moments, over and over and over. While viewing Lesley & Drew's wedding on repeat, I kept thinking the following:

  • I want to make all these bridesmaids my best friends

  • More dogs at weddings, please. Especially dogs as well behaved as this one

  • If you want to plank at your wedding, you go ahead and plank. Most likely, your bridal party will want to join you

  • The 50+ crowd at this wedding is owning the dance floor

Above all, I had tears in my eyes for the love and pride emanating from both families, and the civic pride from the Canadian Forces in the room. There was thundering applause when Drew's mother, a phenomenal woman in her own right, was recognized for 40 years of service.

Between the epic dancing, the romantic fog, and the elegant evening, there were really just two people who were happy to be together. As friends and family gathered to celebrate, Drew and Lesley found 10 minutes extra in their day. They chose to sneak away to have a beer, just those two.


Congratulations, Lesley and Drew!


Venue & Catering: The Lord Nelson

Flowers: Dean's Flowers

Dress: Chester & Felicity

Groom's attire: Harry Rosen

Cake: Hello Cupcakes


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