Joey & Lisa's Vegan Karaoke Extravaganza

I think the title says it all. Joey and Lisa managed to throw a wedding that was both elegant and fun; the day didn't feel so much like a ceremony to help them begin their life together, as it was a celebration of the life they've already created.

Joey and Lisa are both generous, determined, dedicated people. I heard this time and again during the night, from the friends and family that came from around the country to join them. Joey and Lisa put so many small touches into their wedding, to include and welcome all their loved ones. A vegan taco bar flowed seamlessly into an all-out karaoke dance party (I didn't know there were so many people who could air-guitar).

I was so happy to steal them away for a few late night photos in a Toronto alley, where they received some interesting wedding advice and luck from a passerby:) But Joey and Lisa don't need luck, they've already built an amazing foundation.



Venue: Tranzac

Catering: The Brixton Grill

Flowers: The Flower Nook

Cake: Tori's Bake Shop



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