Dine by Design East 2014


When I used to think of luxury, I associated the term with minimalist overpriced objects that one purchased purely for showmanship, not for function. I now understand luxury is investing in artisanal pieces, that showcase the artistry and concept of both the designer and the consumer. Luxury is purchasing one beautiful piece that I will treasure with pride, rather than 10 mass-produced pieces that I could easily lose and not notice.

East Coast luxury has the unique personality of one-of-a-kind, artistically designed items that haven’t lost touch with their roots. Inspiration from our ocean history is incorporated not in bright blues or fish adornments, but in softer, subtle nods. In the dining room local paintings hung with a modern-gallery appeal, a sea-themed wall contrasted with bright whites and Lucite chairs, and modern wooden furniture in an art-deco inspired room. Local fashion designers invoked classic silhouettes, others international inspiration, in collections created for a variety of style lovers.

Dine by Design East’s strong suit was choosing to cater not to a particular style, aesthetic, or price point, but to everyone who loves local. If you want to invest in the unique artists living here, you found it at Dine by Design, and could take it home on your back or on your walls. I especially loved the variety in models walking the tea-style fashion show during lunch.

I found farmhouse wood dining rooms next to architecturally astounding minimalist pieces. I fell in love with Maroux’s modern, Japanese-reminiscent bubble dress and J&R Grimsmo’s classic pea coats. No designers were alike. No spaces were alike. The only commonality was each piece, whether for dining or wearing, was created by the immense talent of local designers.


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